FaceBook Guess Who

A while ago me and my girlfriend were thinking of stuff to do and we decided to play a game of Guess Who. Which was fine, was fun and we played for a while. After a while we came up with the idea of playing using people we knew. We painfully screenshotted 24 of our friends profiles from Facebook and printed them out and started playing with them. You can see in the photo below (sorry for crappy quality), that it was a bit basic, but functional.

The game that started it all. First round we played using the cards we created by screenshotting our friends on Facebook.

Using people you know makes things a bit more interesting when playing. You can ask a lot more questions, such as "Are there more than one person in the picture", "Are they drinking alchohol in their picture" (which seems a common theme amongst my friends).

I posted this on various social media channels, and it gained a bit of interest from people. Lot's of retweets and likes, probably the most I've actually had on a single item! A few people suggested to make it into some sort of app, so eventually I did.

The general idea is that people will Log In using their Facebook creditentials and then select a friend that they want to play with. The app will then select 24 mutual friends at random and display them on the page. You can then print off this page three times. Once for each player and once for the deck to decide the person the your opposition has to guess. Using a print stylesheet I've styled it so it should print out each players cards on one A4 sheet (landscape) - allowing you to use different colour paper per player. Each peice is also styled so that it can be cut out and fit a standard Guess Who board. It is still very much a work in progress, so it's not quite ready to be shown off to the world. My first real practice using the Facebook API, so it's probably a lot easier to do then I've done it and there are still more features I would like to add - such as manually selecting friends - and the design needs to be smartened up. But other than it works and I'm pretty happy with it!

The interface after selecting a friend. This shows the friends that have been picked to play with.
What the final cards look like after printing - will probably improve how these look at some point.