Built by PixelFish

Whilst employed by PixelFish, I helped to build the Milton Abbey School website. It is a fairly large website, with the content manged by using a custom build of the Concrete5 CMS.

My Role

The private school, based in Dorset, needed a new brand and website to refresh their image.

My main role in the project was to code up the designed PSDs and make function web templates to put in to the CMS. Once the base layer of code was written, I could then start to intergrate the CMS. This involved creating and modifying plugins to work with the content we wanted to input, such as calendars, new and image galleries.

Overall this was a large build, one of my largest to date, with extensive use of the content management system. It had to be easy enough for a end-user with no computer skills to use, but also have enough functions to achieve all the features that the client needed.

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