The Brief

Suze Smethurst, a hair stylist from London, wanted me to create a website that could showcase her work. Simple and clean were the main aims for the design, with a focus on photos of work rather than paragrphs of text. She also needed a way of updating the photos when she had new photoshoots.

I created the design with simple in mind. I wanted the main focus to be on the images, so in order not to distract the eye from them I used a very simple colour scheme of an off white with black text. The eye is the immediatly drawn to the colour of the photos.

“Chris is really easy to work with, he went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with the final website. As I have no experience with coding, Chris created an easy-to-use system for me to update it myself, making it easy to keep my portfolio up to date.”
Suze Smethurst

A simple gallery page shows all of her latest shoots, the order of which Suze can manullay update using the custom built admin panel. The admin panel allows for updating the order of gallery, adding new shoots and updating of current shoots. Each shoot also has its own gallery which shows various different photos from the individual shoot. The user can then click on these to see a larger version of the photo.

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