Behind the idea

WiiLextric is a project I developed for my final year project at Bournemouth University. WiiLextric is a project designed to explore how we can control physical objects in different ways to increase the levels of enjoyability of the objects. WiiLextric looks into how the popular racing game, Scalextric, can be controlled using a Wiimote controller rather than a standard controller to change the dynamics of the gameplay of Scalextric.

One of my main focuses for this project was to create something a little bit different. I have had previous experiences in building websites, so I wanted to create something which I would have less chance of doing in a commercial setting. I chose to experiment with Arduino, and although I had used Arduino previously this was my first major project involving the technology.

WiiLextric is a cross between Scalextric and games with offensive racing such as Blur and Mario Kart. The project allows racers to control the speed of their car by tilting the angle of the WiiMote. Racers also have the benefit of collecting and firing weapons at each other, creating a more competitive, dynamic and changeable race.

Skills utilised

  • Arduino Development
  • ActionScript 3
  • Application Interface Design
  • Web Design
  • PHP/WordPress Theme Development